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  • November 2021:  The Blind Sanity Podcast launched its first episode.

  • December 2021:  The Twitter page launched as a companion to the Podcast.

  • July 2022:  Blind Sanity Podcast produces its 100th episode.

  • August 2022: launches.

  • September 2022:  1,500 followers on Twitter!

Image of Fabrice smiling in a photo

Content Creator

I'm a scientist born in France and living in California.  Currently living with a visual impairment and working to create a space to help others living with such conditions.  

Image of Stephen standing beside Fabrice


I'm an English teacher living in California and a webmaster working alongside Fabrice.  I also operate a YouTube channel where I provide free English lessons to anyone studying the language.  Feel free to subscribe!

Meet our Team

Blog Contributors

It is a penny with our name in the middle, surrounded by drawings of a Brailler, cane, refreshable Braille display, and guide dog.

A charitable organization dedicated to providing financial aid for assistive technologies for the blind and low vision community.   

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