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  • Top 5 best horror audiobook for 2023. 5 – world war Z.

    World War Z by Max Brook vaults into the realms of the must-read horror novels, securing a prestigious place as number five in my top five favorite horror audiobooks for 2023. A tapestry of tension and terror, the book meticulously unveils a global post-apocalyptic panorama, adorned with tales of survival against a ruthless zombie apocalypse. Brooks delves deep, crafting a multilayered narrative populated by a chorus of diverse voices—from military personnel to civilians—each recounting their unique, harrowing experiences. These interconnected interviews form the spine of the novel, breathing life into the bleak aftermath and the brutal battle against the undead. The audiobook version is an absolute treasure, available for free to members of the BARD service provided by the US Library of Congress. This offering amplifies the novel's immersive nature, allowing the listener to sink into the depths of the narrative fully, carried along by captivating performances that echo with authenticity and emotional resonance. The oral histories reverberate with a profound sense of realism, each account more engrossing, lending voices to the silent screams and unspoken horrors experienced during the calamity. Brooks' storytelling prowess shines brilliantly, embedding each tale with atmospheric tension, capturing the raw human emotions and the tumultuous tides of the global catastrophe. His narrative precision orchestrates a symphony of stories, where every note strikes a chord of existential contemplation, exploring the realms of survival, humanity, and societal collapse. The detailed geopolitical analysis and strategic military maneuvers intricately woven into the plot lend it a substantive weight, providing a formidable backbone to the horror, making World War Z not merely a story of the undead but a profound exploration of the living navigating unprecedented global chaos. In its essence, World War Z is more than a zombie tale—it’s a mirror held up to humanity, reflecting our world's vulnerabilities, resilience, and the terrifying specter of our own undoing. Its place in the horror audiobook realm is indisputably well-deserved, etching its tales of terror into the mind with haunting clarity and formidable impact.

  • Top five best horror audiobook, 2023 – my runner-up. Devolution by Max Brooks.

    When it comes to horror literature, there's a certain art to crafting a story that truly captures the listener's imagination and transports them to a world of suspense, intrigue, and fear. In 2023, amidst a sea of chilling audiobooks, one title has stood out and secured its place as my runner-up in the top five best horror audiobooks of the year: "Devolution" by Max Brooks. A New Take on Classic Horror At its core, "Devolution" is a tale of survival, but what sets it apart is Brooks' unique approach to the narrative. Drawing inspiration from his earlier work, "World War Z", Brooks presents the story in a series of journal entries, interviews, and reports, lending it an air of authenticity. This format immerses the listener in a way traditional storytelling might not, making it feel as if these events truly transpired. A World Unraveling Set in the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Rainier, the story follows the residents of a secluded eco-community as they grapple with the immediate fallout and the unexpected threat of creatures long believed to be the stuff of legends. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes clear that humanity's place atop the food chain is not as secure as we'd like to believe. Brooks masterfully delves into the psychology of fear and the breakdown of societal norms when faced with an unimaginable threat. Stellar Audio Production A great story can be further elevated by its presentation, and this is where the "Devolution" audiobook truly shines. The cast brings each character to life, infusing them with personality and emotion. Every scream, whisper, and desperate plea is rendered in crisp clarity, making for a listening experience that's both enthralling and terrifying. Accessibility for All In a commendable move, "Devolution" is available for free to those with a BARD account through the US Library of Congress. This ensures that even more horror enthusiasts can experience Brooks' masterful storytelling without any barriers. Final Thoughts "Devolution" is not just a horror story; it's a commentary on human nature, resilience, and the lengths we'll go to survive. Brooks challenges us to question our place in the natural order and what happens when the world as we know it starts to crumble. It's a chilling reminder of the fragility of civilization and the monsters that lurk just beyond the periphery of our understanding. In a year filled with notable horror audiobooks, "Devolution" by Max Brooks stands out not just for its unique storytelling approach but also for its thought-provoking themes. It's a worthy addition to any horror enthusiast's collection and a testament to Brooks' prowess as a writer. If you haven't given it a listen yet, I highly recommend you do. With the nights growing longer and Halloween just around the corner, there's no better time to delve into this chilling tale of survival and the unknown.

  • PSA – Kaiser Permanente strike

    Kaiser Permanente had a strike that ended late last week. They are currently having issues to catch up with their backlog. I have seen lines to get flu shot and Covid shot but could last more than one hour. If you are planning on getting your shot, be patient, or reschedule.

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