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  • Fusion 101 - Voice Speed

    Here is an easy way to permanently increase or decrease the voice speed of Fusion without wandering through the software setting option . Type Ctrl + Windows key + Alt + Page Up or Down to respectively increase or decrease Fusion voice speed. The change is permanent which means the voice speed will stay the same until you manually change it.

  • Apple Clasical Music

    Latest news on Apple Music Classical… The service will be available through a downloadable app from the App Store. Unlike Apple Music, Classical will not be tethered to an operating system, which means the app will work with older iPhone model. So far, the app will work on iPhone 6 and newer models. Apple says iOS 15 is required, however. The interface will follow closely Apple Music’s design with a [possibly] new featured that are more adapted to classical music. The app should be out by March 28th. There are a few leaked pictures out there. Unfortunately these pictures have no text-description. I will update with details when they becomes available.

  • iOS 16.4 beta 2 Dev is Out

    A very minor update with not much to talk about from an accessibility feature standpoint…. Which means the magnifier app that appeared on IOS 16 is still getting very hot during use. A small interesting thing tho… there is some code about the long awaited Apple Music Classical . An independent app from apple dedicated to classical music . Some of us could find this useful.

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  • BlindIn | Blind Sanity

    Welcome to BlindIn That was a joke! The service doesn't really exist..unless it does. Then whoah, I can't believe it! If that service doesn't exist but you want to make it a real thing, the idea still came from me. Contact me just in case. ​ In the meantime, you can visit our website. There's a lot of useful information, audio, and video. Click here to head over to . Get a Free Quote This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content. First Name Last Name Email Send Thanks for submitting!

  • Resource

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  • Podcast | Blind Sanity

    Listen to our podcast, with a new episode dropping every week. Enter a topic of interest in the search bar to find a related episode. Don't forget to rate us and subscribe!

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