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Accessibility and Twitter app.

Let's look at accessibility settings for Twitter. The accessibility menu has often moved around over Twitter version releases. Accessibility is now found under Twitter Settings > Accessibility, display and language. A strange one size fits all option...

For visually impaired users, the offer is very limited. Twitter offers to increase color contrast. If you already use that option on your device, I am not sure this makes any difference. I sure don't see any. Twitter also offers a few options regarding text to speech, which may or may not work depending on the speech software you are using. More on that below...

You can have web articles opened within Twitter in Reader Mode. For those who don't know what Reader Mode is, it is a tweak in the web browser interface which locates text in a web page and displays it in large font on a dark background if you are in dark mode. Images, advertisement (in some cases), etc. are ignored. If you don't use that mode on regular basis for your web browsing, you may want to look into it.

You can also increase font size within the interface. Again, if you have already activated this option within your device accessibility menu, this won't make much difference.

There is a lot more Twitter could do for us however. Dark mode is nice and smooth on our eyes... but Direct Messaging is awful to use. Text boxes are too bright and the contrast with the text inside these dialog boxes makes things unreadable. This really should be fixed. Twitter Spaces needs work too. Announcement and Spaces invitations are displayed in large white cards within feeds. This is running against the idea behind dark mode. I can't read a thing! A shame because Spaces is actually a great alternative to Discord.

Finally, text to speech is funky. Apple VoiceOver will not always read tweets you want to check out, describing instead the various Twitter menus accessible on the on the screen.

What do you think about Twitter's accessibility options ? Do you have any suggestions ? Share with us in the comments section below.

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