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Five Ways Amazon Could Be More Blind/Low Vision Friendly

Tired of not being able to use Amazon like everyone else ? You are not alone ! A trillion dollar company should be able to figure this out ... Or maybe it needs some help ?

These are 5 easy ways to improve Amazon experience for people with sight disability.

  1. DARK MODE ! DAMNIT ! It isn't hard , Amazon, you did it with the Alexa app ! Give us a dark mode !

  2. Make each product picture descriptive using VoiceOver or TalkBack. You could even include product info like dimensions, warranty or even price ranges. That way we won't have to go through tons of crap ! Nowadays each product page is a mile long ! A basic description of the product as a descriptive picture would allow us to easily decide if the product is worth reading more about it or move to another one.

  3. Cut the crap. Create a dumb down version of each page so that we can get the important info right away.

  4. Allow sorting reviews from disabled people first. We have unique needs and allowing reviews from blind or low vision customers will be more helpful to us than others.

  5. Make Alexa smarter while using the app. She is pretty smart but she could learn a trick or two about accessibility and be very helpful navigating the marketplace.

Part of the reason why it is so expensive to be blind is that we are not allowed basic choices and capabilities offered to regular people. Improving the marketplace will go a long way leveling the field .

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