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From iPhone to Android : Accessibility Part 1 - Unboxing

My Google Pixel 6 has arrived . Full android OS without skin from Samsung. Just a clean system. Let's look at how both phones and OS handle accessibility right out of the box.

Packaging is very similar between the two phones. Android copied the luxurious packaging from Apple. Might seem like not much but it's all about touch with people with eyesight disability. From this standpoint at least the experience is identical. Small detail here but Apple seals the box with tape requiring a knife at hand. Google seals the box with tape with a tab. No need for a knife here.

The way the phones are packaged is also identical with a protective layer of paper covering the screens. Easy to remove in both cases.

Both boxes contain reading material not accessible to the blind ... but again who reads these instruction booklets.

A single power cable is provided in the box. No wall outlet.

As far as the phones themselves, the design is very different but identically luxurious and expensive to the touch.

Power button and volume controls are easy to figure out. Plastic for Pixel, metal for iPhone. Since the phones both have a brushed metal bumper on the edges of the phones, the difference in quality for the buttons isn't noticeable.

The unboxing experience is identical for both phones and manufacturers. It is pleasurable to the touch and to the ear. You will know you are dealing with quality product here just by the touch.

The screens for both phones feel and sound sturdy. Tappping does not feel shallow.

The back of the phone is glass.... I think. Pixel feels more plastic tho.

Pixel is more roundish than iPhone and easy to drop.

Iphone camera setup compared to Pixel setup makes the android phone more stable on the table. No matter which phone you deal with, you will need a protective case. Something to protect iPhone and make it more stable on the table . Something making Pixel less smooth and less prone to drop from your hands.

Time to power on both phones. This is where the experience differs dramatically between Android and IOS. More tomorrow in part 2.

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