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From iPhone to Android : Accessibility Part 3 : Data Transfer

You asked a friend to help boot up your brand new phone ? Well order a pizza for delivery, that friend may stay around for a while /

It really depends on if you need to transfer from and old phone to a new one or if you migrated from one OS to another.

Iphone to iPhone actually is a smooth process. All you have to do is get your old phone backed up and physically close to the new one. Apple will handle the transfer automatically. Even better all your accessibility settings will be transferred as well. Basically when your mew iPhone is ready, you will be able to do whatever is needed the same way you did on your old one. A caveat however... if you are in a beta testing program. The transfer may be Buggy.

Transferring from Android to Android is more of a hassle. Mainly because manufacturers are adding skins and their own softwares to a clean Android OS. Contacts from Samsung are stored in a third party app unrelated to Google Contacts app for example . And the success of an android transfer is related to Google Suite and Google One. If you backed up all your data and settings with Google itself, you should be okay assuming you were using google apps in your old phone. You may need to transfer data from non Google apps to Google apps before starting the transfer to your new android phone. You will definitely need help to be sure all data are transferred. Not a problem with iPhone. Also things get icky if you have to deal with anew version of Android AND a different manufacturer...

No matter what phone you have, from an accessibility standpoint, you should keep the same OS. At least your accessibility settings will transfer and you always be able to fix issues down the line on your own.

If you change OS however, that pizza may come handy. You won't be able to use your new phone until your friend not only setup the phone from scratch but find and activate accessibility features for you. It isn't as big a problem for iPhone which activate VoiceOver on demand early on during the setup process but it is a huge issue for Android which doesn't offer voice assistance.

And you will need that friend again to transfer manually data from one OS to the other. There are tools but they are not known to be accessibility friendly.

So yes... just in case you didn't realize yet, keeping the same kind of phone simplifies things a lot. Accessibility features between iPhone and Android aren't equal however and you may want to switch operating system and a friend with good eyesight and patience will come handy.

We will talk about clean setup with no transfer in part 4 of next week.

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