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How to apply a color filter on your screen on a Windows 11 PC.

As messy as Windows 11 can be sometime, applying color filters on your screen is surprisingly easy.

Follow the instruction below.

  1. On the search bar type 'System Settings'

  2. Look for Accessibility

  3. Scroll down until you locate 'Color Filters'

  4. Activate 'Color Filter' a few preloaded filters will appear.

  5. Experiment with all filters to find the one you prefer. There is a color wheel on top of the color filter page to show you how the color filter of your choice will affect colors.

  6. You are done.

Unlike Apple OS, windows will not allow you to change intensity or work on your personal filter using intensity or tint options. This means you are limited to just the few filters preloaded on your machine.

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