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How to create an account on Mastodon

With Twitter about to implode… or at least crash during the World Cup starting Sunday, you may wonder where to go next . Mastodon gained millions of new users fleeing Twitter . It’s an odd social network to use with some major differences compared to twitter and even Facebook. Let’s see how you can create an account.

  1. Download Mastodon From the App Store.

  2. Take your sunglasses before opening the app. The splash screen is super bright . Activate Voiceover or TalkBack.

  3. Look for the Sign up button and click on it.

  4. Mastodon requires your account to be hosted on a server. And there are many many servers on Mastodon. All with their own rules and topic … You can find a server dedicated to tech … LGBTQ…Food…

  5. Select the server category . We chose General.

  6. Scroll through the available servers and read their rulesand what they are dedicated to.

  7. We chose the server named

  8. Cloick Next then read the server rules. Clivk Back if you don’t agree with them and find another server.

  9. Time to create your account now… Enter an account name. For us, it is Blind Sanity. Choone a username. enter your email address gor verification and enter a password .

  10. You will be found on mastodon under the handle @username@server. For us its

  11. Submit then verify your account using the link in your email inbox.

  12. You are done.

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