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Magic Tap and Twitter

One thing I left out of my Twitter accessibility review was Magic Tap,

Magic Tap is a feature that is activated on IOS devices when VoiceOver is ON.

Double tap with two fingers and magic should happen. And it actually does... when the app developer includes it on his app.

Magic Tap is present almost everywhere on Apple stock app but it is rarely implemented in third party apps. Mostly because of Apple not being very clear about how to implement it. Then of course it really is up to the third party dev to decide to include accessibility features to apps... and it isn't usually a top priority.

Twitter however includes the feature. It is found under the accessibility menu of the app (Twitter Settings > Accessubility...>Accessibility if you wonder where to go) .

Magic Tap can do nothing if you select None. It can automatically start a tweet if you select that choice.

Try Magic Tap on twitter and share with us if you find another third party app supporting the Tap.

Remember though... Magic Tap works only with VoiceOver.

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