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Owning a Pet When You Are Blind

We all went through this.

Blind or not.

You hear there are kittens or doggies available for adoption and you are greeted by a crazy person who will interview you like she is about to give you the country nuclear code. And even if you ace it, you will get a promise that someone will call or come over to check on those pets you are adopting. Don't forget the shots! Buy some expensive organic food for your cat!

Yeah Right ...

I owned many many cats and almost all of them lived a very very long life. Even half blind, my 3 cats are still very well taken care of.

Some of you might need company and you may think that blindness isn't going to help you getting one... Even more, the person interviewing you might be prejudiced against you.

Here are a few tips to help you convince yourself you can be a perfectly capable pet owner.

  1. 'Lady ! Give me a break ! We have guide dogs for people like us ! Taking care of a pet isn't that hard !'

  2. No. I will not give my pet food that is more expensive than my own. Yes, I am on fixed income but there are BILLIONS of cats and dogs that are living a perfectly fine life.

  3. What do you mean I can't take care of myself AND pets ? For better or worse I bet I have more free time than you. I don't binge on The Crown. Us blind people are actually the quiet kind.

  4. Oh I see ! You think I can't clean after my pet because ... I am blind ? Oh how little you know... My cats are either doing their business in my yard or in a special letterbox equipped with a sieve. It takes minutes to clean! And if I have a dog ? Remember, Lady, I am walking the dog... I know when he is about to do the doo.

  5. What do you mean I won't be able to see if my pet is sick or if something is wrong with him ? If I buy treats, the dog or the cat will actually come to you. Sick animals won't eat. And while they nibble on their treats, you can use that time to examine their overall health--through petting and touch.

  6. What do you mean we can't see ? Yes we can't but as opposed to you, crazy lady, what we lose in eyesight we gain in hearing and touch. I bet we can see if something is wrong with our pet better than you just by touch.

  7. Lady ! Blind doesn't mean lazy ! We can walk ... sometimes run ... we can go on hikes . That pet I want will have plenty of exercise.

  8. My home is blind friendly. And it will stay that way. I am adopting a pet ! Not a baby ! If my home is safe for me ... I am sure its safe enough for a pet.

  9. Stop right there already ! You know there are laws against discrimination.

Seriously now, you want a pet ? Get one ! You being blind has nothing to do with owning a pet. If you have mobility issues then you might have to take a second to think about it.

Remember that you will need to educate the shelter representative about your condition if it is really needed . This could be frustrating but don't give up.

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