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Podcast episode S2E01 is Out ! New Season New Format !

In this new episode of our brand new season of Blind Sanity podcast out this week :

- New season with new episode format. We are keeping each episode to 25 minutes with 3 segments: News, Topic of the Week and your Mail and Comments.

- On the News section, learn about accessibility planninf for the 2024 Paris Olympics Games.

- This week's deep dive is about Voice Assistance technology. The first part of a month long series about Amazon, Apple and Googlw's audio assistive tech. What it is. what it can do for you. which system is the best for the low vision and blind community?

- We finish things up with comments on my opinion piece about White canes.

Click here to listen to the episode or subscribe on your favorite podcast app and listen to more than 100 episodes available to date.


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