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The Most Amazing Accessibility feature of iOS 16 No-one Knows About

If you are like me, you receive tons of pictures from your friends and family.... you even sometime take some pix of your kids, mother or your cat ? All this to end up frustrated because your eyesight is so bad you can't even distinguish people from the background.

iOS 16 has a trick up its sleeves to help out in cases like these. You may need the help of a friend with a better eyesight than you... or maybe you have enough sight left to do it yourself .

  1. Click on the picture that interests you. It doesn't matter where it is.. in a text message, in an email, or in your picture app of your phone. The important part is to enlarge the picture to get it to cover your screen. Usually clicking on the pic will enlarge it.

  2. Deep click or long press on the Person in the picture. Click on the baby on the picture... click on the dog.. click on your wife or on your kid. After a short moment you will see an animation on your screen looking like waves. You have just 'lifted' the picture of the person you clicked on.

  3. Copy or Share

  4. Now head over to messenger , or notepad or your iPhone Word app. Paste.

  5. iOS 16 just allowed you to lift whoever you chose on that picture and eliminated the background. If, like me you are sensitive to contrast, the picture of your loved one on a perfectly black background should be much easier for you to see. If you have a good eyesight and want to send a pic to a low vision relative, do the same and paste the picture to a text message or email and send away.

  6. The trick actually works on anything with a picture within your iPhone. You can lift someone from pictures on a web page... on a google document opened on your phone...on a commercial your inbox is probably full of. Anywhere as long as you work on your iPhone with the latest iOS.

Experiment with this neat feature ... it won't work on blurry pictures but for some pix, it will help you see better.

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