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Vision impairment and employment in the US.

A quick look at unemployment numbers for vision impaired Americans

- 45 percent of Americans with vision impairment are working.

- 10 percent of Americans workforce with vision impairment are unemployed.

- 55 percent of Americans with vision impairment are not part of the labor force.

Numbers are from 2017 (source American Community Survey (ACS)).

Current labor shortage has improved employment odds.

Of course, this says nothing about wages. Also, remember that to be considered part of the workforce, you need to have a job or be actively looking for one. Being underage or retired count as out of the workforce.

Unemployment numbers are surprisingly low considering how limiting vision impairment can be. I suspect Assistive Technologies are playing a critical role here.

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James Alonzo
James Alonzo
Jul 19, 2022

This has been super helpful, thanks!

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